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B2B Android App

B2B App for a better online selling experience

A material design app built just for sellers, to help grow and manage the selling business on all Online Shop Platforms of Rocket-Internet Ventures of the Asian Market, e.g. Lazada, Kaymu, Zalora. The app’s mobile features make it convenient keep the seller’s listings up-to-date, quickly identify new selling opportunities, list and manage their items for sale and fulfil their orders.

What I did

Defined the whole user experience by collaborating closely with PM and development teams. Did wireframes, prototyping and the ready-to-use designs for production. Also defined style guide and guide lines for ventures on how to produce production assets and modify the app.

Challenges along the way

Time was a crucial factor. We had 2 months for nailing down the ux and ui and development. We had a small agile team with 3 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer (that was me) and 1 product manager. In the beginning I was handed over a detailed requirement description of what Rocket Internet wished to see. It was more a wish list as it contained a lot of features like uploading, editing and sorting images, a complex way of  organising orders etc. So my first step was to do wireframes and an initial sitemap + user flow. We discovered early in the process, that we had to go MVP, if we all want to succeed. So we made everything more easy. The next challenge was that we didn’t have any user data. We had to design a product for the Asian market, where we just had to guess our way through the actual user behaviour. The only base we had was the web app, which looked outdated and the ux was a chaos.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and wrote some user stories and personas and created all necessary wireframes, so development could actually start already. We kept the app in the initial wireframe state until the last 2 weeks, which gave me some time to come up with a nice looking design. The requirement though, was to design a framework, which the Rocket-Ventures could use as a “backend” and put their own branding on top of it.


What I’ve learned

Actually with the right set of developers everything is possible. But I’m also proud of myself that we could overcome so many challenges in such a short time.

My Role

UI & UX Design


Material Design Guidelines




Lazada Play Store

Kaymu Seller App

Wireframes and ux flow

User Interface

The main flow is onboarding, product listing, product edition, order listing, shipping order and reports


The whole app is designed as a white label app, so that Rocket-Ventures can apply their own branding design. I used all Material Design UI Elements, which were useful, e.g. form elements, paper menu etc.  For the typo we used Source Sans Pro and I chose a neutral dark color scheme, which could be easily adapted. Why I changed the typo? Because we needed the fundamental code for customizing the font for the different brands.

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